IT security seminar
"Stallion 071117"

19.01.2017 IT security seminar "Stallion 071117" will take place at Tallinn, Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia on Tuesday, 7th of November 2017.

PAN for Strong Security

10.02.2017 "PAN for Strong Security" took place on Friday, 17.03.2017 at Latvia.



17.03.2017 "Stallion on PAN" took place on Wednesday, 15.03.2017 at Estonia.


PAN Ultimate Test Drive I

10.02.2017 PAN Ultimate Test Drive (UTD) "Advanced Endpoint Protection Hands-on Workshop" took place on Thursday, 02.03.2017 at Tallinn.

PAN Ultimate Test Drive II

10.02.2017 PAN Ultimate Test Drive (UTD) "Threat Prevention with PAN NGFW Hands-on Workshop" took place on Friday, 03.03.2017 at Tallinn.

Behaviour - new authentication!

19.01.2017 Behavioural biometrics is one of the most promising areas of IT security. Balabit Blindspotter's biometric analysis features are not only able to identify breaches but work as an additional layer of biometric authentication, enabling security analysts to continuously authenticate whether the user is who he says he is. Read here

Small clues can show big issues - Imperva CounterBreach

19.01.2017 Imperva CounterBreach protects enterprise data stored in enterprise databases, file shares and SaaS applications from the theft and loss caused by compromised, careless or malicious users. Read here

How to fight with ransomware?

19.01.2017 The latest ransomware campaigns are unfortunately good examples of how easy it is to bypass the traditional security layers, both in network and endpoint level.
Palo Alto Networks offers automated security platform, that is not based of failing legacy technology but built from scratch to match the needs of the current era. Read here

IT security seminar "Stallion 091116"

IT security seminar "Stallion 121115"

IT security seminar "Stallion 061114"

IT security seminar "Stallion 141113"

IT security seminar "Stallion 101111"

IT security reserve gathering 2013

IT security reserve gathering 2012

IT security reserve gathering 2012

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